Boo Charity ball - We were invited to the Boo charity ball on Saturday. So we all donned our tux’s for the James Bond theme and were presented with these.
Surprise!!! - Unbeknownst to Dave we cancelled his taxi and drove up to Gatwick to surprise him at the arrivals gate. Mind you we did think whilst we were queuing on the M25 that we weren’t going to make it in time! Do you think he would have got on his bike and cycled home? He’s certainly […]
Waiting for the plane - The bike is packed up ready for the flight home. Dave meanwhile, is enjoying oysters and a well deserved bottle of wine at Bordeaux airport.
You’ll never believe it. Today we had sunshine… - … Heavily disguised as yet more rain and strong winds. I now know how the Pro’s feel on the Tour Poor Dave, it has rained constantly since he left Caen on Sunday.
He’s made it. - Dave just sent us this picture from Bordeaux. Well done Dave
Today has been a very difficult day! - Day 3 was always going to be the hardest day, your legs are very tired (Dave has already cycled over 300 miles in the last 2 days!) and you haven’t got the high of your it being the final day and reaching your destination. At 7.30 this morning Dave was up a raring to go. […]
Spare parts ordered - Last night we managed to source the replacement parts, they should be ready to collect in the morning.
Your support is required - So far Dave has cycled over 300 miles in 2 days in gale force winds and driving rain. You can support him by donating here. www.justgiving.com/David-Webb9 Why is he doing this epic solo cycle ride? It’s for www.boo-charity.org.uk “Due to my business commitments, I had to pull out at the last minute, from a group […]
Repairs needed - Dave broke the quick release on his front wheel today which meant he had to cycle the final 30 miles with a lose front wheel. We think we’ve sourced a replacement ready for him to collect in the morning. Good luck Dave.
Webby’s a Super Man – Day 2 Update - Well at approx. 9:15 PM the great man finally arrived in Chatellerault and he’s absolutely spent. Dave has been on the road since around 8:30 this morning covered circa 150 miles AGAIN, his navigation system letting him down. He commented: “I knew I was in trouble at the outset today, when it took me almost […]
30 miles to Chatellerault - We just received a text from David. He has about 30 miles to go to Chatellerault so should be there around 7.30. It’s a shorter day tomorrow only 130 miles!
Super Webbie - By day he’s a mild mannered solicitor, but give him a bike and clad him in Lycra and he becomes ‘Super Webbie’
3pm update - At 3pm Dave was about 65 miles into his 130 mile stage down to Chatellerault. It looks like it’ll be another late one. Go Webbie go!
The weather is horrible again. - Well the weather doesn’t look too good for the “Man of Steel” today. Early morning texts seemed to indicate a severe lack of motivation! So Russ reminded him of #Rule 5 and Simon mentioned he might want to think about a spoonful of concrete! Must make him feel so much better to have this warm […]
Day 1 Summary - Dave’s just called. He was woken at 4:30am ready for boat kick off and got peddling at 7am with only 1hr for lunch he arrived Chartres at 9pm (French time now same as UK time) He reckons he’s done in the region of 160 miles and been in the saddle 12hrs, including 25 miles off […]
En route to Chartres - At 6pm (UK Time) Webby had about 40 miles to go till Chartres, his planned stop for the night! I hope the weathers better.
83 miles so far - Dave was located at 4pm and had completed 83 miles. The original plan 138 miles, but that has increased with having to start from Caen. Good luck Webby
Gale force 9 winds forecast - Even though the shipping forecast is for force 9 winds in the channel tonight, Dave is on the ferry and on his way. One small change, he’s now on his way to Caen rather than Le Havre which is going to add more miles to his trip!
He just had to go one better!!! - Press release Friday 1st November 2013 Iron Man to cycle 500 miles in four days for charity! Some say he’s made of steel, other consider him an out of space android, however he’s simply not going to let the team down and whatever it takes David Webb, Director of Matthew & Matthew, will start an […]
We made it - Just the 70 miles today and we managed to miss the rain. But we’ve made it, and all in one piece. Mind you the traffic was interesting trying to get into Bourdeaux
Made it! - Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux.
42 miles to go - Time to refuel, again…
The final day - The sun’s just coming up over Cognac and we’re already up and getting ourselves ready for the 77 miles ahead. But it’s not all about the cycling. The reason we’re here anyway is for Boo and to help them support vulnerable children in Africa. Donate here Sarah Hicks is Russell’s late wife; in 2002 they […]
Cognac at last - Another 106 miles done today, mostly uphill! Just 77 to go tomorrow.
Day 3 – 55 miles done - We’ve had a good morning, 55 miles done so far. Just stopped for some lunch, our support crew have found a great spot by the river
Lunch stop at Civray - There’s worse places to take lunch
30 miles to go to Chatellerault - Last stop before the final push to Chatellerault
Another ‘beautiful’ day - The suns just coming up and we’re forecast another dry day. We’re just about to have some breakfast then we’re off again. Here’s today’s route. Route day 2
Night all - Luckily there’s a restaurant next to where we are staying so we’ve had a quick meal to replenish our energy levels ready for tomorrow and now it’s time to get some sleep. Night all, see you tomorrow
End of day 1 - We’ve made it to Orleans – 72 miles today. The ‘short’ one.
Support crew leaving Portsmouth - Nearly 10pm and James & Mark (with Pete) are waiting for the ferry to leave for Caen. Bar open.