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Unbeknownst to Dave we cancelled his taxi and drove up to Gatwick to surprise him at the arrivals gate.

Mind you we did think whilst we were queuing on the M25 that we weren’t going to make it in time! Do you think he would have got on his bike and cycled home? He’s certainly used to the weather!


Today has been a very difficult day!

Day 3 was always going to be the hardest day, your legs are very tired (Dave has already cycled over 300 miles in the last 2 days!) and you haven’t got the high of your it being the final day and reaching your destination.

At 7.30 this morning Dave was up a raring to go. His knee was hurting following the collision yesterday, but he was in good spirits and ready for it. There was just the small matter of fixing that front wheel.

The front axle was damaged more than we originally though and was now unrideable. This meant a 2 mile walk, not easy in cleats up to Decathlon to collect the replacements. Which we now find out doesn’t open until 10am.

All this meant that Dave started the day 3 hours later than planned. With another 130 miles planned today and yet more cruel winds and driving rain it was not going to be a pleasant day!

By 1 o’clock he’d passed the 40 miles stage, but his knee was troubling him and the weather wasn’t letting up. An hour later and things weren’t getting any better, it was chucking it down Dave had needed to stop at a pharmacy to get some pain killers for his knee and it was really troubling him.

At 3pm today we called it. Whilst Dave had managed about 80 miles he still had over 50 miles to go (which he has already more than made up for in the detour on days 1&2) and he needed to rest.

So a taxi was in order to take Dave to his planned stop for tonight. There he’ll rest his knee and prepare himself for the final day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the final ‘sprint’ stage down into Bordeaux – just 60 miles, and even the weather looks like it might not be quite so harsh. Then a flight back to the UK in the evening. Let’s hope he gets a chance to shower before the flight!


Your support is required

So far Dave has cycled over 300 miles in 2 days in gale force winds and driving rain.

You can support him by donating here.

Why is he doing this epic solo cycle ride? It’s for

“Due to my business commitments, I had to pull out at the last minute, from a group charity ride from Paris to Bordeaux only 3 weeks ago, consisting of Warren Munson, Simon White, Mark Cribb, Russell Hicks, Pete Moor, Jeremy Gill all of whom made the 365 mile cycle.

So I’ve decided to go solo – leaving on Saturday 2 November, I will catch a ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre, where I will then begin the epic ride across France.

I will have to carry all of my provisions, water, tubes, food and clothes for the journey. This time of year I also face potential headwinds and rain.

Despite all this, I plan to travel around 130 miles per day, in order to reach my final destination in Bordeaux by Wednesday

I was gutted that I couldn’t go but I don’t want to miss the chance to do my bit. So I’d rather ride alone than let Boo down. Riding to raise money for Boo Charity is a really worthy cause where 100% of all funds go direct to the children. I’ve seen the great work they do and how they help so many children in Kenya. I will no doubt encounter difficult times, but nothing that some of these destitute children have endured, so I will dig deep and keep peddling

All the donations received from this ride will go towards Boo’s latest project to build a rescue unit for orphaned and abandoned babies in Kenya.

This is the second year in which Boo supporters have undertaken a sponsored cycle in Europe for the charity, they are aiming to continue around Europe with new challenges each year.

You can donate to David’s Epic Ride on the team page at:

Follow the ride on Twitter or

Repairs needed

Dave broke the quick release on his front wheel today which meant he had to cycle the final 30 miles with a lose front wheel.

We think we’ve sourced a replacement ready for him to collect in the morning.

Good luck Dave.


Webby’s a Super Man – Day 2 Update

Well at approx. 9:15 PM the great man finally arrived in Chatellerault and he’s absolutely spent.

Dave has been on the road since around 8:30 this morning covered circa 150 miles AGAIN, his navigation system letting him down. He commented: “I knew I was in trouble at the outset today, when it took me almost 2hrs to cover the first 24 miles, with a 20mph headwind I just could not get any momentum, and my legs were burning trying to keep even a reasonable pace”.

From there on it was pain and mind numbing pain, travelling along roads straighter than an engineer’s rule for mile after mile, with trucks whipping past at breakneck speed it was both Dangerous & DULL.

Dave stopped at two McDonalds (They do have their place) and with salty chips downed, he soldiered on until, he eventually came into collision with a car. Not a fast accident but he couldn’t unclip fast enough and went down on his knee. At the same time, his front wheel spindle was damaged not allowing it to be correctly tightened, so he had to ride the last 30 miles with his front wheel only finger tight. After downing a few Ibuprofen Webb’s has made the second leg of this unbelievable journey.

We are in the process of locating bike shops to fix him up for Day 3 tomorrow another 130miles.

Sleep tight Dave you’re gonna need it…………Zzzzzzzzzzzzz