Monthly Archives: October 2013

We made it

Just the 70 miles today and we managed to miss the rain. But we’ve made it, and all in one piece. Mind you the traffic was interesting trying to get into Bourdeaux


The final day

The sun’s just coming up over Cognac and we’re already up and getting ourselves ready for the 77 miles ahead.

But it’s not all about the cycling. The reason we’re here anyway is for Boo and to help them support vulnerable children in Africa.

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Sarah Hicks is Russell’s late wife; in 2002 they started a charity under Sarah’s nickname ‘Boo’ as it was one of her departing wishes to help children in Africa where she had spent time trying to overcome her cancer. Boo is a ‘no frills’ charity, they incur no unnecessary costs which would divert money away from the children that need it most.

In 2003 they formed a partnership with Vision Africa to build Boo ‘Seed of Hope’ a vocational training centre for orphaned and destitute girls in Nyamanche, Western Kenya Find out more.

Seeds of Hope Nyamanche is fully funded by Boo. This centre has now been running for 10 years providing hundreds of these girls with an education and training in vocational skills, life skills, and business skills enabling them to stand on their own and be self-sufficient.

100% of your donations will go to this project so that Vision Africa can continue their brilliant work.