Bordeaux or Bust

Although the event went ahead as planned, due to business committments, David Webb had to pull out. Tired of the ribbing from his friends, and keen to go one better, he has since decided to do the same event solo, cycling instead from Caen, making this 500 miles in 4 days.
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In 2012, 5 otherwise intelligent and successful businessmen cycled from Poole to Paris in 3 days. It should have been 235 miles, although in reality it was nearer 250 miles due to several wrong turns and a catastrophic failure in understanding the simple navigation system.

Now, in 2013, joined by a couple of extra victims, the magnificent 7 are going to continue where they left off in Paris, and head for Bordeaux. This will be 380 miles (OK, probably over 400 if Russ takes his Garmin system again) in 4 days.

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